Wolfpack Doggie Services

Wolfpack Doggie Services

Looking to book a dog walking or dog sitting appointment for your pup(s)? I have a (nearly) 4 year old German Shepherd named Jack (at a whopping 110lbs), and have had dogs in my home since I was born. In addition to our current dog, I also have an off the track Thoroughbred named Village who I adopted in December, have had rats, cats, hamsters and everything in between. I love all animals and I assure you I’ll love yours as if he/she were my own!

-Familiar with large/strong dogs
-Familiar with dogs who experience separation anxiety
-Dog park frequenter
-Familiar with house-training for puppies and obedience classes
-Cautious of dietary restrictions and routines

I’d love to meet you and your pooch(es)!


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