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Coconut Oil Treatment – DIY

Tweet As I have attempted to do over the last two summers, I have started the process of going ash blonde – which, for those of you who don’t know – is incredibly close to my natural colour from when I was little and before I started colouring my hair…
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When to Use Hair Shadow

Tweet I am currently eagerly awaiting my seasonal Luxe Box by Loose Button and there’s one product in particular I am super excited about this season – hair shadow! According to the sneak peak on their Facebook page, we will be receiving a Colorsmash Hair Shadow in Jade, Blue or…
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DIY: ‘Mom Jeans’ into High-Waisted Shorts

Tweet Happy Hump Day! Lately I’ve been attempting to curb my spending, but with the season about to change from below-freezing into warm, sunshine-filled days, my eye is always on my favourite websites awaiting spring and summer collections. It’s habits like these that get me into trouble. So I figured…
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Valentine’s Day Outfits for All Scenarios

Tweet Today is Valentine’s Day! If you’re like me, you’ve probably started planning your outfit weeks in advance, but if you haven’t, never fear! These are a few examples of possible outfits inspired by whatever your night has in store.  Before you can decide what kind of outfit you’re in…
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Valentine’s Day Beauty

Tweet Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  V-day is to be celebrated – whether you’re celebrating your love, singledom, or friendship. In fact, many of my Valentine’s Days have been spent with friends or family. In college, I’d get together with my roommates and exchange cute (and sometimes cheesily romantic) gifts. One…
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Through the Model Eye

Tweet As someone who was once a model with Elmer Olsen Models, one of my favourite things to do is keep up with some of my favourite girls. ‘Through The Model Eye’ will be a regular feature of some of my favourite Instagram pictures posted by up-and-coming and/or well-known beauties.…
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