DIY Terrarium: How-To!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re sure to have witnessed my vast collection of succulents and cacti. I get the majority of my plants and planters from Fractaline Terrariums and have recently found my plants to be thriving, and therefore needing to be transplanted into bigger homes.


That, my friends, is a Before and After picture.

Seriously, they’re running rampant.

I figured this would be a great opportunity to show you how to make your own terrarium! It’s super easy (and so fun!).

Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

  • A bowl or pot of some sort – I used a fishbowl from Dollarama
  • Succulents or cacti – depending on the size of your bowl, feel free to include several to mix it up
  • Succulent soil OR
  • Potting soil and gravel
  • Decorative stones/shells/whatever tickles your fancy
  • Scissors
  • A spoon


Step One

If you have succulent soil, put that in. If you have potting soil and gravel, mix the two together so that the soil allows for adequate drainage (succulents don’t like getting drenched and soaking in water!). It should look like this:


Step Two

Using your spoon, clear a spot (or spots) for your succulent(s) and insert them into their places. Make sure they aren’t too close to the edges of the glass, as the glass can get hot if it’s in direct sunlight and you don’t want to burn your babes! Use the spoon to ensure the soil around them is packed in nicely against them. Give them a little water.

Step Three

Add decorative rocks, shells, dinosaurs, or whatever else you want hanging out in your terrarium.


Voila! You are the proud new owner of a beautiful succulent terrarium! I told you it was easy! Make sure your new friends get lots of indirect light and that you only water them when the soil is completely dry otherwise the roots will rot.

Questions? Comment them below and I’ll try my best to help! Stay tuned for my next project: succulent propagation!

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