The Search for the Perfect Weekender Bag

As someone who has a never ending wanderlust, luggage is an important thing to me. One of the things I pride myself in is being able to only pack a carry-on no matter where I go. Dominican Republic for 7 days? Carry on. New York? Carry on. Bali for 10 days? Carry on. (Though, to be fair, the way home my bag weight so much they had to check it, but everything fit into a carry on.)
Lately, I’ve been on a mission to find a great weekender bag for an upcoming trip to New Orleans. After obsessively perusing Instagram and Pinterest and finding many gorgeous weekender bags that were way out of my budget, I happened upon MAHI Leather. MAHI makes a ton of great, genuine leather bags for a fraction of the price you normally see for leather goods with this level of craftsmanship. How? Every MAHI is made to order and shipped directly to the consumer, which removes the middleman and therefore significantly reduces waste and removes the costs associated with stockpiling large quantities of leather. Pretty sweet, huh?
Can we take a moment to appreciate the details on this bag?
MAHI makes a variety of leather bags and accessories, ranging from toes, holdalls, duffles, backpacks, and laptop sleeves, and every product is made with soft leather, sturdy brass fittings, and are built to last with reinforced straps and YKK zippers. The best part? You can even have your MAHI bag or accessory personalized with your initials, a date, or a meaningful saying in your choice of colour.
How MAHI Cares
MAHI stems from the Mahi River in India, a country where 103 million people lack safe water on a daily basis. Because of this, MAHI Leather donates $1.50 from the sale of each bag to FRANK Water, a UK based charity which has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2005.
Packing for New Orleans
Not to get ahead of myself, but I’ve already started planning my outfits, makeup necessities, accessories, and footwear for my trip to NOLA in May. The MAHI bags take about a day to make (depending on if they’re being personalized or not) and then 4-6 working days to arrive. So, which bag did I choose to help keep me stylish and comfortable on my upcoming travels?
For me, a great weekender bag is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you have one. 
The Columbus of course!
The ample space, extra wide shoulder pad, and additional compartments made this a no-brainer for me. Plus that Vintage Brown? Swoon!
When it comes to choosing a quality bag, I look for detail, craftsmanship, quality, durability, and social responsibility and I’m so satisfied with my find.
What are your favourite weekender bags? Let me know with a comment below!

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