Oh How Far I’ve Come..

I’ve thought long and hard about how to introduce this post, and no way feels like an accurate representation of just how much this shoot meant to me. 

I’ve worked with Daniela Majic since 2010, before my official modelling journey ever began and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else capturing how far I’ve come since I left the modelling industry four years ago. When I left, I was a shell of the person I was. Frail, unhealthy, emotional, depressed… I was struggling. I didn’t realize it then, but in hindsight, I was so truly and utterly miserable and ashamed of who I’d become physically and mentally. Four years have passed since then and it’s been a four year-long journey of learning who I am now, without the cloud of the modelling industry over my head. When I was a model, that’s what people referred to me as. ‘The Model.’ That was my identity. It defined me. And without that identity, I felt lost. I’ve spent years growing and learning and changing and trying all in the hopes of discovering who I am now that I no longer have that label defining me. While I can’t sum it up into words, Daniela did an incredible job of capturing my spirit, my varying interests and styles, and I can honestly say that these photos are the most accurate representations of my journey to this present moment. Looking at them makes me smile so, so big. Enjoy.

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