Painting the Front Door – DIY

Finally, after wanting to paint our front door for ages, we did it! I could not be happier with the results, and I smile every time I drive up to the house now thanks to that beautiful turquoise door.

Painting your front door shouldn’t be a choice you make lightly, however. There are a variety of factors to consider such as choosing the right tone (because our brick is pretty muted, we wanted a vibrant colour, otherwise the whole house would look washed out), choosing the right colour (different colours give off different impressions to different people), and deciding on if you’re keeping the current hardware (in which case you may need to remove it from the door ahead of time). Once you’ve got that sorted, painting the door is actually pretty simple!

What You’ll Need

  • Sandpaper
  • Exterior Paint + Primer-in -One (we went for Behr Ultra)
  • Paint Rollers
  • Drop Sheets
  • Hardware (should you decide you want to upgrade)
  • Painter’s Tape

We kept the door on its hinges for the project, though many people opt to take it off and remove all of the hardware and complete this project outside. Do whatever makes the most sense for you.

Step One: Tape off anything you don’t want to get paint on (door trim, hardware, etc)

Step Two: Sand the door, especially if your current coat is peeling or bubbling anywhere

Step Three: Get to painting! We did two coats of paint on our door and because we left it on its hinges, the sun pouring in through the screen door helped to dry it quite fast. Experienced painters may be able to get away with using a brush, but rollers tend to give more even coverage without streaking for those who aren’t that experienced in the paint department.

Step Four: If you left your door on its hinges, don’t close it until it’s dry! Leave it slightly propped open and keep any pets away from it. The last thing you want is dog or cat hair getting into your beautiful new paint job.

Step Five: Once the paint is dry, remove the old hardware and replace with new! We opted for a new door knocker and doorknob.


Note* Chances are, once you’ve completed your door, you’ll notice any screen doors or aged trim looks particularly yellow. The next (and final) step is freshening that up (which we have yet to do).


Voila! Enjoy the happiness your new door brings you and await the compliments!


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  • Mike Lasprogato

    Written on August 30, 2016


    It looks great! Ive painted many doors with brushes and foam rollers as well as with airless sprayers. Consider it without the storm door it makes a huge difference.

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