What a Lifestyle Blogger Packs for a Trip to Bali

I think it’s safe to say that my mom would be proud to know that I’ve plugged in the coordinates and phone numbers for the Canadian Consulate in Jakarta and Global Affairs Canada in the event something goes down while I’m in Southeast Asia and I need to find my way there in a ‘No Escape’ kind of scenario.

My travel buddy and I both agreed that to avoid losing any luggage on our 20+ hour trip to Bali, we would only pack carry-ons. She is a master packer – I, on the other hand, tend to overdo it. Sure, I still manage fitting all six pairs of shoes and twelve maxi dresses, but not without some serious frustrations along the way. So, what does a lifestyle blogger pack for a 10 day trip to Indonesia?


Basics are perfect for travelling because you can mix and match them, making them super versatile. One item of clothing quickly becomes a staple piece in creating several different outfits. I’m packing three basic tees and tanks that I can switch out with maxi skirts, shorts, or pants.


Because, duh, all these gorgeous photos for my photo journal aren’t going to take themselves! Plus, I don’t want to be glued to my phone the entire time, and my camera is waterproof – bonus!

Metallic Temporary Tattoos


I’m obsessed with temporary tattoos, and metallic on tan skin is just gorgeous! I thought these would make for some intriguing photos and outfits – plus they take up virtually no room in my suitcase which is a huge plus!


Bali is incredibly hot and humid this time of year, so linen is an important fabric to include. Pants are a necessity for more rural areas or the evenings if you want to avoid mosquitoes, so wide-leg linen pants or linen joggers are perfect without being too hot.

Travel Pack

Whether a beach bag or a backpack (or both!), be sure to bring something you can tote your towel, camera, and other necessities in that will help keep your hands free!

Setting Spray

Because in the humidity, you still want to look flawless for photos!

Statement Pieces


Much like basics, statement jewellery can completely transform an outfit, so I’m bringing a few different statement necklaces, sunglasses, rings, bracelets, and hats to accessorize.

Reading Material

For the off-chance I get tired of the Balinese view while lounging on the beach.

Blanket Scarf

This is a necessity for the plane. There’s no way I can sleep when I’m cold, so this trendy piece will double as a blanket when I’m trying to cozy up and watch PLL.


For any down-time I have to blog or email my parents to let them know I’m alive, and for marathoning PLL on the plane (priorities).



To make note of anything I want to recall later for story purposes or blogging for you fine folks when I’m without WiFi!

Is there anything else you think I should bring to Bali? Let me know with a comment below and wish me safe travels! x


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  • Rox-Anne

    Written on April 29, 2016


    You already have the most important thing, PLL! I love the show, total guilty pleasure of mine. Safe travels! xx Rox-Anne, Celebratingthislife.ca

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