Hacks + Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces

While my house isn’t tiny, it’s certainly smaller than I tend to have room for on most days. Instead of grumbling whenever my boyfriend and I bump elbows in the kitchen, or my pile of clothes without a  place to store them grows a little bit bigger, I instead brainstorm for different ways to utilize the space we’re lucky enough to have. Here are some of my tips and hacks for making the most of small spaces:

1. Extra Seating

sofa table

No room for a dining room table? Use a console table at the end of a couch in a living area that’s next to the kitchen. It doubles as a place to eat, craft, rest, and work! This would also be a convenient place to set a drink down while you’re on the couch and is perfect if you have extra company over for game day.

2. Corner Shelving


If you look around your home, you may be shocked to see all of the corner space that is not being used to its full potential. Installing floating shelves will not only create extra storage space, it will also become a visually appealing spot for your little knick knacks and decorations.

3. Behind-the-Door Towel Rods


Don’t forget about the tiny space behind your doors! It’s perfect for hanging towels without taking up any of the space on your walls. How’s that for a tiny bathroom hack!?

4. Floor Mirrors


No matter the space (big or small), mirrors can completely transform a room. Not only do they create more light, they also give the illusion that the room is much larger than it really is. It’s also a fabulous way to decorate!

5. Under the Stairs Conversion


Although not always easy to get to, the storage space that is usually under the stairs is nice, but what if you could convert that space into something useful like a mini mud room, desk, or reading nook!?

6. Closet Space for Furniture


If you have a room that isn’t big enough for your furniture, consider using the closet space for the extra square footage needed. Perhaps a changing table, desk, or dresser. Just remove the doors and use the top half for storage.

7. Counter Storage


Just like with homes and buildings, where there is no room, build up! For small bathroom or kitchen counters, consider a tiered tray to hold all of the essentials without taking up as much room on the counter.

8. Tank Top Space Saver


With just a few shower curtains rings and a velvet hanger (to keep them from sliding), you can store tank tops all on ONE hanger.

9. Backsplash Storage


Instead of placing everything (coffee can, sugar, butter, salt & pepper, cork screw, etc.) on the counter, keep the space free and use your backsplash as storage!

10. Maximize Windows


Drape your windows in a way that allows for maximum light—I’d go for the bright white curtains—and try hanging a mirror nearby to reflect light into the room. Remembering to clean the windows helps, too!

11. Embrace Under the Bed Storage


In case you’re not blessed with minimalist super powers, use the space under your bed to keep winter clothes, extra blankets, and that guitar you haul out three times a year.

12. Bench Seating


Corner bench seating in your kitchen can really save space! I’m currently working to make the most of our tiny dining room by inserting bench seating so our table can sit closer to the wall instead of being forced into the middle of the room.

How do you make the most of your small space? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment!

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