What 25 Means


This year, I turn 25. The number feels weird to say, and makes me feel – dare I say it? – OLD. I feel like 25 means I have to get my shit in order. I see other 25 year old people who are doing more, achieving more, and adulting way better, and wonder whether or not I’m measuring up. Then again, I too have accomplished a lot in a short life. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I owe a lot of that to modelling – the travelling, the experiences, the independence and freedom. I’ve grown so much since then that it feels like another life – a life that was never truly mine. It sounds strange to say out loud, but I sometimes wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t quit. Would it be good or bad? Where in the world would I be living? Would my friends today still be my friends? Are there certain people you’re destined to meet no matter what path you take? Would my relationship withstand the distance? I figured the best way for me to do some reflecting at this point is by answering 25 questions.

  1. Favourite colour: Rose gold and anything pastel
  2. Favourite number: I’ve never had one.
  3. Dream Career: I would love to run an animal rescue where euthanization was never an option and animals could be rehabilitated and live in serenity while waiting to be adopted into new, loving homes. That, or run an e-commerce store featuring products made by artisans in third world countries with a portion of proceeds going back into their communities.
  4. Where do you see yourself living: In the country on a farm. Still in Canada.
  5. Favourite way to travel: I actually really enjoy travelling by plane and train, though some of my favourite memories involve road trips to Florida or up north.
  6. What do you do in your free time? I work on my blog, I make candles, I work, watch Netflix, go to the beach, and plan upcoming travels.
  7. Have you ever had a near death experience? I’ve never been in an experience where I thought I was going to die in the moment. But looking back, there are situations I think could’ve ended badly.
  8. Who would you like to see in concert? I love the environment of music festivals more than the music itself.
  9. Do you collect anything? I collect books, candles, and tea. Lots and lots of tea.
  10. I can’t sleep without: Anyone who knows me, knows I can sleep just about anywhere, at just about any time.
  11. If you were given 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? First I would buy my dream property, in the country with an old, retrofitted house and lots of acreage for trail riding. I’d pay off my debt and travel with anything left over.
  12. Where have you travelled? I’ve been to Montreal, Florida, Vegas, Cuba, Punta Cana, New York, and have an upcoming trip booked to Bali, Indonesia.
  13. Where do you want to travel? I want to see everything. Most specifically, I’d love to see Santorini and the Netherlands where my grandparents grew up.
  14. What is your favourite season? I love summer. I find now more than ever I need sunshine to thrive.
  15. Did you end up working in the field you studied in? I did end up working in the field I studied in (PR + Communications).
  16. Do you sleep with your closet door opened or closed? Well, considering my closet doesn’t have a door, I’ll have to say ‘open’.
  17. Why did you start blogging? I felt like I had a lot to say, but no where to say it. I have a lot of interests and wanted to share those thoughts with others who might be interested.
  18. Describe the relationship you have with your parents: I have a great relationship with my parents. My dad and I never argue (we share a birthday, so maybe we’re kind of like the same person). He’s a man of few words, which means when he has an opinion on something, I listen. My mom and I argue occasionally, but usually over trivial things. She’s stubborn and I’m stubborn and she thinks she knows what’s best for me, and I think I know what’s best for me, so we sometimes bump heads. Our arguments never last long though and even though I was a super bratty and attitudinal teenager, I appreciate them so much.
  19. Do you make good grades? I was a straight A student (if you don’t take Math into consideration) throughout high school and was one of 12 to graduate with Honours from my program in college.
  20. Are the friends you thought would be around, still there? For the most part, yes. There were one or two surprises along the way, and even though it was initially hard to accept, I’ve realized that there is a lot less drama and toxicity in my life.
  21. Do you want to get married? It’s so funny – for the longest time I wanted to be a single mom. That’s what I aspired to be. I wanted to have no husband, but 5 kids. It’s amazing what meeting the right person can do when it comes to your perspective.
  22. If you want kids, when do you want to have them? I don’t want to rush into having kids. I want to be financially secure and married first. I’m guessing I’ll be between 28 and 30 when I have my first.
  23. What are you afraid of? I think I’m most afraid of regret – doing something or not doing something that I’ll end up regretting later in life.
  24. Are you where you thought you’d be? No. I used to think I’d be living abroad as a model or maybe retired but still working in the fashion industry and putting my PR background to good use. But I don’t think I could’ve anticipated where I am now back then. I’m much happier than I thought I could be and still have so many things I hope to achieve and experience as the person I am now.
  25. What does turning 25 mean? I think for me, turning 25 means being empowered and confident enough to make choices for myself and my life. It means saying ‘yes’ to new experiences more instead of turning in early in favour of sleep (which I do A LOT). It means getting serious about my future, reflecting on where I’ve been and where I’m going, and committing to some hard goals. I’m hoping 25 will encourage the best version of myself, and I’m so excited to see who that is.

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