So, I need a minute to vent. Maybe five. We’ll see where we’re at by the time my word vomit is spewed onto the screen. As an overall decent person who was raised to be compassionate, empathetic, determined, and strong-willed, I tend to be pretty patient with people. So patient, that I often find my own well-being suffering in an attempt to put the needs of others ahead of my own, as many people do. Within the last couple of years, however, I’ve noticed a transformation. With this transformation comes the realization that I’m becoming pretty frickin’ intolerant of bullshit and toxicity, and therefore becoming more comfortable with the idea of ridding such bullshit and causes of toxicity from my life.

I’ve realized that there are certain things that are instant rage-triggers for me. When I say ‘rage’, I mean, an uncomfortable amount of anger that actually replicates the feeling of what I can only imagine is blood boiling. Some of these topics include:

  • Anti-feminism
  • Pretentiousness (yeah, I’m aware that’s a pretty broad category, but we’ll get into detail later)
  • Ignorance (again, pretty broad)

There are a couple of things here that drive me particularly mad.

  1. Feminism is a thing. It is defined as the social, economical, and political equality of the sexes. That’s it. Sure, there are people who have blown it completely out of context for their own social agendas, but when it comes down to the raw meaning, someone saying they’re ‘anti-feminist’ pretty much just translates to ‘I’m an asshole’.
  2. WTF do people think it’s okay to knock other peoples’ life choices? If I want to be in a relationship or not, have babies or not, travel or not, eat a whole pack of cookies or not, get tattooed or not, have a wedding or not, guess what? That’s MY choice and none of your business. Your opinion on whether or not I should or should not be doing those things is just that. Your opinion. You don’t see me telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life or body, so stfu and keep your judgy memes (Everyone’s having babies and I’m over here like….), (This is Why Awesome People Like Me Don’t Have Relationships), (YAY TRAVEL #reasonsIdonthavekids) to yourself. (Btw, why is there this misconception that your life ends and your dreams are no longer attainable as soon as you ‘settle down’ – if that’s how your partner/relationship is making you feel, you’re not with/in the right one). These constant displays of your apparent superiority are pretentious, makes people (who may already be doubting their own judgement) question themselves, and is a failed attempt at making you look secure and confident by knocking other people down. FYI, confidence is quiet, insecurity is loud.

Look, I’m a firm believer that people should live their lives exactly the way they want to, which is why I’m so passionate about empowering people and supporting people to be at the top of their game and living the life they choose to live. So let people do them, you do you, and if you don’t like something you see, do what I’ve started to do and erase, block, or unfollow the negativity to keep it from entering your visual. You’ll be so much happier you did. #positivevibesonly


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