4 Easy Tips to Help You Drink More Water


If you’re like me, drinking water isn’t an easy task to accomplish, but it’s totally necessary. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, or just be a healthier person in general, drinking water is a key part to achieving optimal health. We’re made up of 60% water after all! Here are some tips I’ve found have really helped encourage me to drink more water.

1. Apps

Apps like Plant Nanny are super helpful in reminding you to drink your daily water requirements. Unlike other apps, Plant Nanny forces you to be responsible for both your health, and the health of your own plant (meet Egbert, everyone).

image1 (2)

Egbert needs X number of cups of water per day to thrive, and you can’t give them to him until you’ve given them to yourself. I find this to be super helpful because, I mean, look at that face! If you don’t drink enough water, thereby leaving your plant without enough water, he will start to wilt and make you feel terribly guilty. I swear this works, people (and it’s free)! Once you are on the app long enough and drinking your required water, you’ll unlock new plants and plant holders.

2. Smart Water Bottle


Investing in a smart water bottle is a great idea if you want to get serious about drinking water. I discovered HidrateSpark last year when one of the founders reached out to me and asked for me to check out their campaign on Kickstarter. I was blown away, so of course I backed their campaign. Now, HidrateSpark is well on its way to providing people with smart water bottles that sync up to your phone to remind you when you need to hydrate. Not only will you receive a nudge through the corresponding app, your bottle will also start to glow faintly as a physical reminder. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Count it Out

In the event you don’t have a reusable water bottle, I find it to be super helpful to take the number of water bottles I need to drink in a day, and line them up on my desk. This acts as both a helpful reminder, and a bit of a competition for yourself to power through each bottle. There’s something super motivating about seeing the bottles dwindle down to your very last one!

4. Infuse


Sure, water can be boring – that’s definitely one of my biggest challenges! However, I recently discovered that it doesn’t have to be! Cutting up some fruit and putting it in your water is a great way to get added nutrients all while adding natural flavour to your water. Check out our post on infused water recipes!

What motivates you to stay hydrated during the day? Let me know with a comment below!

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