My Christmas tree arrived yesterday, which is a sure sign that the holiday season has arrived. This is the first year B and I will be setting up and decorating a full-sized Christmas tree – and since it’s our first year living together, I suppose that makes sense! The holidays are my favourite time of year. I love the nostalgic feeling I get, I love the lights, I love how everyone seems to be in THE best mood around this time of year.

The holiday season would be nothing, however, without the plethora of holiday parties. Work parties, family get-togethers – if you’re like me, you’ve got your office party, your S/O’s work party, your dad’s side of the family Christmas, your mom’s side of the family Christmas, your S/O’s family Christmas, and then maybe a Christmas with your immediate family members. Things can get hectic, which is why the last thing I want to think about when I’m running around like a gingerbread cookie with my head bit off, is my beauty look. One of the most underrated parts of my beauty look? Nails! So I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite holiday nail art to ensure (we’re) I’m prepared! Enjoy!

1.Wine and Glitter


2. Candy Cane Stripes 


3. Snowflakes


4. Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!



5. String of Lights



6. Santa Hat French Mani

Christmas-nails (1)

7.Tips and Snowflake Accents


8. White and Silver


9. Christmas Lights Overlay



10. Christmas Trees and Polka Dots


11.Christmas Tribal


12. Embroidery Pattern

holidaynails (1)

13. Medley


14. Deck the Halls French Mani


What look is your favourite? I’m totally torn between a few. Let me know with a comment below! x

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