I was on a journey to find the perfectly scented candle without paying a fortune in shipping costs when an idea hit me:

Why don`t I just make my own? 

I figured it couldn’t be THAT difficult, and because I’ve been looking for a crafting hobby to keep me occupied over the winter, I thought this would be perfect. I started my research and came to the conclusion it was not only possible for me to make my own candles, but actually pretty easy to do so. So I ordered my supplies: a variety of fragrances, soy wax chips, colorant, and wicks (I opted for wooden wicks because they offer the crackling sound) and waited patiently for my goodies to arrive.



This and about 10 minutes of my time is all it took to make my very first candle. I know.

So using my mason jar, which would become the candle holder, I measured the amount I wanted and doubled it (the wax melts, so you need to double your measurements to ensure it fills up enough).

After doing that, I put the bowl of wax into the microwave for one minutes, took it out and stirred it, and added two drops of my fragrance – Vanilla Sandalwood.

Then I put it back in the microwave and on for another minute – I kept putting it in, in one minute increments until all the wax chunks were melted. Then, using oven mitts, I took the bowl out and poured it into the mason jar. I put the wooden wick in and held it in place for a few minutes (otherwise it tends to slide all over the place because the wax is slippery). Finally, my candle looked like this:


Then all you have to do is wait for it to set! Which takes about twelve hours. By the time morning rolled around, I was left with this beautiful, homemade soy candle:

image1 image2

Ignore the label writing – my penmanship isn’t the best. Haha. There you have it! Stay tuned for these beauties as I’ll be offering a variety for sale in the coming weeks 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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