The day starts off much like any other day. Maybe you’re a parent, a brother, a friend, or a daughter. Maybe your day starts of normal, like it does any other day. Or maybe insomnia, worries, and racing thoughts have kept you awake for days. Maybe as your seemingly normal day goes on, you get a call that turns your world upside down. Maybe the voice on the other end tells you that your son has cancer. Maybe the voice on the other end tells you, you must evacuate your home immediately due to a threat you haven’t yet identified.

In 2008, 10 year-old Keane Veran was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He endured four years of chemotherapy and hospitalization followed. In 2011, Make-A-Wish granted Keane’s wish to meet President Obama. He left with newfound inspiration to beat his disease.

Keane is now an ambassador of Make-A-Wish.

He is also the son of one of TellOnMe’s founders.

The truth is, life can change in an instant.

TellOnMe has since offered us the opportunity to support causes we are deeply affected by. Whether they are causes that impact our lives directly, or indirectly. They have seen how powerful and effective having this kind of support can be, and are currently working to promote and unite support for all charities through quality, American-made clothing.

TellOnMe has divided their causes into four core groups.


Well Being

Public Service


For every purchase, $10 gets donated to one of the groups above. Simply select the article of clothing you wish to purchase through the TellOnMe App (free in the App Store), and then you can choose which charity you’d like your purchase to benefit.

If you’re going to buy clothes anyway, why not buy clothes that are American-made, fair trade, and benefiting a cause you care about, amiright?

We’re super stoked to have had the opportunity to ignite the conversation with our friends and family through this super adorable crop provided by TellOnMe.



Be sure to follow TellOnMe on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and download their app to do all of your shopping! We can’t do it without you.

TellOnMe: Where good style meets good will. 

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