As you probably recall, I’m a huge fan of Wantable. I’ve reviewed two of their Intimates Collections and decided that I wanted to try their Accessories Collection. Because A) I love surprises and B) I need/want more accessories.

I had extremely high hopes for my collection and I was not disappointed! I had a $20 credit, so I used that towards this box.

Wantable Accessories Collection is a monthly subscription box that offers 4 boutique accessories. You simply fill out your comprehensive style profile and based on your personal preferences, Wantable will provide you with a box that’s completely customized to the things you love! The nice thing about Wantable is that you can return your box if you don’t like the things that come in it. Return the full thing, or individual items. Boxes are $40 per month (plus shipping), and if you keep the whole box, you’ll get a $4 credit for your next one!

Okay, let’s get to the goods!

image3Some reviews I read complained about the new packaging. I really loved it! It was sleek and showcased the accessories perfectly!

image4I love that Wantable outlines the items they provide in your box, including the retail price, so you can see just how much your box is worth! If I paid approximately $45 for a box, it was totally worth it to receive $82 worth of jewelry!

The Madelyn bracelet was definitely my favourite piece in this collection. It’s absolutely gorgeous!


I wasn’t a huge fan of the Alice Necklace, but that was totally my bad because I listed it long, everyday necklaces in my style profile. I’ve since adjusted that for next month!

I’m totally obsessed with my first box and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is indecisive and likes surprises. It’s also pretty cool to have a stylist pick out pieces for you based on your personal preferences! If you’re interested in signing up, you can do so, here.

Stay tuned for next month’s review!


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