I learned about Humanity Unified recently and immediately knew their mission was one I not only wanted to draw attention to, but support. HU is made up of Maria Russo and Anthony Russo who are committed to empowering women around the world to lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty.

Last November Maria and Anthony took a trip to Rwanda where they met with several NGO leaders, one of which has become the main focus of support for Humanity Unified. Aspire is an organization that equips Rwandan women with literacy and vocational skills, as well as training in sustainable agriculture methods that provide food security and economic opportunities to raise communities out of poverty.

Before Aspire, the leader of the organization, Peace, began offering her home as a safe space to women who had suffered from PTSD after the genocide. Her mother helped teach the women, many of who were jobless widows and single mothers who lacked the skills to provide for themselves and their families, to read and write. Aspire Rwanda opened its doors in 2009. In the last five years, 450 women have participated in vocational training and rights awareness.

Maria and Anthony visited both of Aspire’s centers and were compelled to help. They returned home and developed Humanity Unified, a for-profit enterprise to raise funds for Aspire and other local organizations running impactful programs that empower vulnerable women and children.

Humanity Unified is your opportunity to help equip women and children with the education and skills necessary so they may never have to live another day hungry and impoverished. 100% of net profits go towards creating a better tomorrow for these women and their families. To shop their collection, click here. And be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on their progress.


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