HeyGirlMarket found me via Instagram and it wasn’t long before I was creeping their page and deciding that I needed to work with them. The primary goal of The Wolf & The Wardrobe is to connect women with brands and companies who are just as fearless and unique as they are, all while promoting self-love and female empowerment. HeyGirlMarket completely fits the bill.

HeyGirlMarket was started by young founder, Andreina in Costa Rica. Andreina’s mission was clear and simple: connect local female designers and artisans with consumers around the world. Andreina first realized that the majority of artisans were women during a school project. She realized that these women were working tirelessly every day to provide better opportunities for their families, their children, and their local communities.

HeyGirlMarket evolved into more than Andreina’s school project. It became a project of many women, for many women. Women with love, hope, dreams, and ambition who have decided to join this project and work hard for a purpose. Each handcrafted piece is made by a female artisan looking to build a better life.

HeyGirlMarket goes far beyond Andreina’s initial goal of connecting artisans with a global marketplace. It now carries the message and dreams of many, that working together can change the lives of the artisans, and the lives of many others.

Every purchase at HeyGirlMarket not only provides jobs for local female designers in developing countries, it also provides opportunities for women to work safely in a loving environment while a percentage of proceeds go to promoting education for young girls in the developing world.


Andreina was kind enough to provide me with this gorgeous turquoise Tree of Life bracelet. I feel proud and moved when I run my fingers over the hand-woven band and delicate tree emblem. I truly love everything that Andreina and HeyGirlMarket stand for. Female empowerment, self love, sustainability, and fair trade fashion. You can be a part of the vision of Andreina and many women throughout the developing world by visiting and supporting their dream.

Also, be sure to follow HeyGirlMarket on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay in the loop with Andreina and her artisans.

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