If you’re anything like me, you likely spend a lot of time fantasizing over all of the potential your indoor or outdoor space has to offer, and don’t spend a whole lot of time actually bringing those plans to fruition. Maybe it’s because you’re too busy, or saving for when you’re able to splurge on that beautiful landscaping, new countertop, or backsplash. Or, in the case of my gardens, maybe it’s because you just don’t have a green thumb and knack for digging and moving heavy rocks. If you fit into the latter category, you’re in luck! Because I’ve got the perfect DIY garden for you that’s perfect no matter where you live, and no matter your ability (or lack of) to keep plants alive!

Things You’ll Need

1. A decorative pot, jar, or glass bowl

2. Succulent plants (duh!)

3. Succulent potting soil

4. Decorative rock (optional, but recommended)

Step One

Select your pot, jar, or bowl and fill 2/3 of it with succulent potting soil.

Step Two

Choose a succulent plant that will be your focal point and place this plant in the center of your pot.

Step Three

Plant the remaining succulents around the focal point succulent, leave some room between each for any growth.

Step Four

Spread your decorative rock around your plants, creating a thin layer of rocks on top of the soil.

Step Five

Water your succulents and pick a spot for them to thrive in the sunshine! (Succulents love sun!)

Voila! That’s all it takes to create a gorgeous, decorative indoor succulent garden! I told you it was easy! What are your favourite succulent plants? Comment your Instagram handle once you’ve completed your new garden so I can check them out! Happy DIY-ing!

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