Last week I shared with you 3 of the essential beauty looks to master in order to achieve that perfect pin up-inspired look. This week, I am going to delve into 3 wardrobe staples to really make that winged liner or bold red lip pop! This is especially important if you want to dabble in vintage dress without spending too much on an entirely new wardrobe.

 1. Pencil Skirt 11287232_696832033776806_1618259048_n

Investing in a classic pencil or ‘wiggle’ skirt is an absolute must, especially because of its versatility. You may already have one that you use for interviews or for work at your office job. Pencil skirts should go past your knee, about mid-calf, gently skimming your body. You don’t want it to fit too tightly, especially if you want to be able to walk around comfortably all day. A good pencil skirt should have a slit either at the back or side, allowing you to move your legs without worrying it will split. I also am a big fan of having a bit of stretch; it’s more flattering since it tends to hold those lumps and bumps in without showcasing them (food baby, anyone?). I have lots of pencil skirts, in all sorts of colours, but I would suggest a basic black! It’s more versatile and not as big of a leap for those just starting to rock the vintage vibe. You can virtually get one anywhere, but if you want to look into something with a bit of flair, I would suggest this gorgeous jumper by Tatyana Boutique – you can get it online at  (see ‘Jumper Pencil Black’) or at Modcloth  (see ‘You Totally Rockabilly Jumper’).

 2. Circle Dress or Skirt11291774_696832093776800_915924593_n


This is potentially the most exciting thing about dressing vintage. Nothing can top that magical feeling when you sway and twirl in that beautiful garb. Add a crinoline or petticoat and you might as well just dance around all day. The circle skirt or dress is known for it’s long fabric that makes a perfect circle when a breeze catches under it. To achieve the classic ‘Old Hollywood’ look, it should also hit about mid-calf; anything too short risks it looking too modern, and too long could make it look too matronly. The most important thing about a circle dress is that it should make you feel beautiful and really showcase your personality. There are hundreds of patterns and designs out there for every type of interest, or you could keep it to a more classic one-toned look. It really is just based on your preference. Donning a circle dress is definitely one of the more essential pieces to a vintage-inspired wardrobe! (Hell Bunny dress from Modcloth). Check out the ‘Jenny Skirt’ from for more fun colours and designs.

3. A Standout Top or Two



In order to achieve the classic 40’s or 50’s vintage vibe, it’s important to invest in a few cute tops. These are a little more difficult to find when shopping in modern clothing stores, or hunting through your current wardrobe. But these are integral to completing that retro look, and it’s possible to find some very cost-friendly options. Personally, I try to find tops that I can also wear to work or school, so they’re not completely cleavage-baring. I get a lot of my tops from Modcloth, focusing on nautical details such as ties at the front with big buttons and large collars. Peter pan collars are wonderful for more of the late 50’s, early 60’s vibe. But nothing can beat a classic print and a peplum! (Tops by Collectif Clothing  or at Modcloth).



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