Can we just pause for a moment and gush over tea? I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker and only started drinking tea regularly in college, so I was pretty elated when I realized how good hot, flavored water could taste. It was this discovery that led to a bit of a tea and tea accessory hoarding problem (is it really a problem though?), which then led to the discovery of tea parties. Not like..old school, Euro-style tea parties…but ParTEAs. Like Tupperware only way more fun and delicious. So I planned my tea party and ended up with a pretty incredible haul.

I got two sets up tea cups – making for a total of eight – with one set coming with matching saucers. This set is definitely my favourite, and not only because the colours are super fun, but because you can also mix and match!


My second collection is also a lot of fun because it basically makes your tea look like it’s floating, and who doesn’t love optical illusions?


The next thing I got is this gorgeous, glass sweet tea pitcher, which is perfect for the collection of iced teas I also ordered (which taste amazing straight or spiked, BTW). Stay tuned for a few awesome summer drink recipes in the coming weeks!


The last several items I got were an assortment of teas which can be used as iced or hot beverages. Because of the beautiful weather, I’m thinking they’ll mostly be used for iced.


Basically, I made out like a bandit. I’d love to hear your favourite tea-infused drink recipes! Leave them in a comment below!

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