Q: I didn’t even know who Kylie Jenner was before you mentioned her name some time ago. But now she’s popping up in the media again because she admitted that she had temporary work done on her lips but didn’t want to share that information because of how the media would respond. So exactly as she predicted the media is going crazy about it. I don’t know anything about her but I do feel a bit sorry for her that she was hiding an insecurity because she didn’t want it to be exploited and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Any thoughts on this?

A: I actually am a Kylie Jenner fan. I think that with or without her full lips, she’s gorgeous and has an incredible body and sense of style. Unfortunately, as a young girl who grew up with a famous family, it’s not unnatural to anticipate some sort of coverage or backlash or rumor based on just about anything that you do. I think that it’s very possible that this fame is what contributed to her need to have her lips done in the first place – that and possibly the constant comparison between her and her sisters. I think it’s sad that a) the media have nothing better to report on when, let’s be honest, it’s been pretty obvious this entire time that lip fillers were far more likely than ‘overdrawn lips’ and b) that someone famous isn’t allowed to feel insecure and do something about it without being judged. I think it’s good that the truth has finally come out, as it’s probably ridiculously exhausting for her to try and hide it. And now hopefully the world can move on and become interested in something else. Who are we to judge other people for doing what makes them feel their best and most confident?


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