My friend over at It’s a Devine Life challenged me to come up with 30 things I want to accomplish before I’m 30. Even though 30 seems like it’s relatively far away (I’m 24), time goes by ridiculously fast. So I figured that writing out a list of things I want to achieve before that time might not only help me to actually think about things realistically, but manifest the things I truly want. Plus it might be fun to review six years from now on my 30th birthday!

So, here you have them!

(In no particular order, FYI)

1. Get married to my soulmate. I’m only doing marriage once.

2. Have one child (or at least be with child at the time I turn 30).

3. Go on a Eurotrip to Ireland, Greece, and Paris.

4. Go to Bali.

5. Finish my memoir.

6. Become a vlogger.

7. Go back to school and get another designation.

8. Buy a house.

9. Become a foster for dogs.

10. See the ball drop in NYC.

11. Be behind the camera on a photoshoot.

12. Write an article or blog piece for a national magazine.

13. Go skydiving.

14. Get a gun license.

15. Buy a horse.

16. Get a promotion.

17. Be happy with myself.

18. Be confident in myself.

19. Make money from a hobby.

20. Own an income property.

21. Volunteer at a wildlife conservation in Thailand or Africa.

22. Go on a Safari.

23. Learn to be smart with money.

24. Say ‘Yes’ more than ‘No’

25. Be the healthiest I’ve ever been, mentally and physically.

26. Have someone tell me they are inspired by something I’ve done.

27. Master the art of meditation.

28. Think more positive than negative thoughts.

29. Swim in the ocean at night.

30. Become a DIY queen.

Well, there you have it!! What are your 30 before 30?! I challenge you!

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