*I received these for free to review – opinions are my own.

I had been wanting to get a new pair of glasses for a while when I was approached by SelectSpecs to review a pair of their glasses as well as the online-ordering process. I was super excited and slightly skeptical to order glasses online without having the opportunity to try them on beforehand.

I had an extremely difficult time choosing my new frames because there were just SO many that I loved. My current pair of glasses are black and grey with small, rectangular frames. I knew I wanted something that I could wear every day with just about anything, but I also wanted something a bit more fun. So, I settled on these beauties. Large, black frames with dark blue on the inside. Business in the front, party in the back?

The only thing you need when placing an order online at SelectSpecs is your prescription and a love for cheap prescription glasses. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to spend less than the $250 you spend when going through an optometrist? My glasses, had I actually purchased them myself, would’ve been less than $40 WITH shipping and taxes included. Let that sink in for a moment. Of course it takes a little bit longer for glasses to come in because the prescription has to be made, frames fitted, and then shipped to your door, but I got my glasses in less than two weeks, and they were totally worth the wait.



My new specs! The process of using SelectSpecs was so effortless and stress-free. I will absolutely be ordering all of my future glasses from them. They also sell prescription sunglasses at similar prices so I’m excited to finally be able to afford to get a pair of those beauties, too.

Have you ordered glasses online? What was your experience like?

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