I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try Rimmel London’s Provocalips lipstick before they were on store shelves here in Canada. Lucky for you, they are officially on store shelves now, so you can easily pick some up for yourself like I know you’ll want to when you’re finished reading this post 😉

Rimmel London claims 16 hour kiss-proof wear with their Provocalips line. I know what you’re thinking. Where was this lipstick for Valentine’s Day?!? The good news is you’ll never have to worry about your lipstick rubbing off during hot makeout sessions or through dinner dates and caffeine indulgences ever again, because when Rimmel London claims 16 hour kiss-proof wear, they actually mean it.

I initially received my first lippie in a great red colour called ‘Kiss me You Fool’. As per the directions, I applied the first step – colour – parted my lips and allowed it to dry for 60 seconds, and then applied the second step – topcoat – for a locked-in, long-lasting shine. I applied it at 7:15 in the morning, and, to my sheer surprise and delight, after breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, redbull, and a glass of wine, my lipstick looked just like it had when I applied it. The best part? It left no residue on my wineglass!

This is the tissue test I performed just to demonstrate the amount of colour that comes off after initially applying:


Having a hard time seeing where I kissed? That’s kind of the point. Pretty awesome, huh? I soon rushed out to pick up two more colours, and will definitely be adding to my collection as time goes on.

What are your favourite long-lasting lipsticks? I’d love to hear your thoughts! In the meantime, continue to drool with me over Provocalips in ‘Kiss Me You Fool’ 😉

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