Last summer, I discovered Wantable subscription collections. You can read my first review of my very first Intimates Collection here. I loved that box so much, I of course HAD to have another one.


Wantable’s Intimate Collection.

There are a few very notable things that I should point out about Wantable before we get started. First, you have the option to subscribe to either a Makeup Collection, Accessories Collection, Intimates Collection, or Fitness Collection (new). The Fitness Collection is slightly different, in that you select the items you want and pay for those items. The items you receive in the Makeup, Accessories, or Intimates collections, on the other hand, are a complete surprise.

Before placing your one-time only or monthly subscription, Wantable has you fill out a super comprehensive survey that outlines your likes and dislikes, ranging from styles to colours and then specific pieces you’d love or hate to receive in your box. Anything you mark as ‘dislike’ you WILL NOT RECEIVE. Amazing, right? So basically, you’ll love everything you get and if you don’t, it’s because you don’t know yourself well enough. 😛

Just kidding. If there’s anything you dislike, you can return that specific item to Wantable. It’s that easy!

Wantable Collections ship to both the United States AND Canada, which is another great feature. You’d be surprised by the number of monthly subscription services that don’t ship north of the border!

Alright. Let’s get to it!



I’m in love with the lounge set I got in this collection! It’s super comfy and cute and even though it’s currently winter, I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this in the spring and summer months ahead. This set is definitely something I would’ve bought for myself had I seen it, which goes to show how awesome Wantable’s survey system really is.

When I initially saw the tights, I wasn’t really thrilled with them. They’re white and nude and not really something I would’ve purchased for myself if I was given the chance. But I figured I would try them on anyway and pair them with an outfit – I’m so happy I did! They look really adorable; perfect for a modern day ‘girl next door look’ which I love. I haven’t had much use out of them yet, because, again, it’s winter. But I’m really excited to rock these come springtime! I’ll be sure to update you with some photos then 😉

I received three products in this box. In my previous box, I received 4 products. The number of products you receive each month will vary depending on the collection you receive and the products within that collection. So whether you’re interested in makeup, accessories, intimates, or fitness – Wantable has the perfect collection for you. I love that I can trust that I’ll love what I receive in my box each and every time and that I can make a one-time purchase or commit to a monthly subscription if I’m able to. I’ve previously subscribed to other subscription services including Luxe Box and Ipsy, and Wantable is by far my favourite so far.

Be sure to check Wantable out online and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Will you be subscribing?!

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