‘Pillow Talk’ with Eclectic Pillows


Hi, my name is Sara and I’m a pillow designer from right here in Ontario!…If there’s one thing I know, it’s pillows!

Pillows in my home change quite frequently…season to seaon, and whenever the mood strikes to change up my accent colors in my decor.

Fabric allows me to play with blending of styles, they are so versatile and add depth and texture to any space… the best part is, they can be easily changed!

So what do your pillows say about you?

Coordinating pillows to suit your style and personality can sometimes be quite tricky, so I’m here to help!

Firstly, the Rules!

1. Odd or Evens?

Odd numbers in design are generally more relaxed and less formal whereas even numbers will give you a more traditional, formal appearance.

For a formal look, use symmetry.


Using a simple patterned design, place two pillows on each corner in the same pattern, two pillows layered on the large pillows in a smaller size using a coordinated solid fabric or smaller patterned print (can be textured) and perhaps one oblong in the centre in an alternate texture…be sure these colors pick up on existing colors already in the space as seen in this image above.

For an informal look, use more color schemes, place randomly and use more pillows! Here you can be a little more daring, just be sure that you keep one color in common throughout your collection, however you can use variations of this color in terms of depth and tone. ​


2. Size matters!

Fabrics can be summed up in 4 categories: Small, medium, large patterns and solids. When mix and matching patterns, less is more….

Mixing patterns can give your room a more eclectic, relaxed look…but if you decide to go that direction, keep your pillows relatively the same size for continuity adding in one odd shape pillow (oblong) for added interest…and please, no matchy matchy to window coverings and ottomans!


Couch pillow sizes generally range from 16″ to 24″, a standard size pillow being 18″-20″ in size, be sure your pillows compliment the size of your sofa! Generally larger pillows will give you a cleaner look as opposed to a bunch of small pillows, appearing cluttered and unproportioned…keep in mind also that If you’ve got a larger sectional, you can get away with larger pillows!

If you’d rather mix up sizes, make sure there’s at least one color in common throughout your pillow collection for a modern, clean look. If you love having lots of color, mix solids and patterns from you color inspiration, and keep your pillows relatively similar in size adding in one or two odd shapes creating interest.

3. Color inspiration

To begin, and really put you into focus, its good to begin with a color inspiration. Start with a fabric pattern or pillow you really love or choose a unique piece of art you are drawn to!

Here is an example of a pillow fabric I love….


What do you see??

Noticed how I picked out each color in the fabric, these are the inspiration colors! Take your fabric to a paint store and find the paint chips that match your colors, use this as your guide.

Select one or two colors from this palette as your main accent color (s)…you could also consider using a color from opposite side of the room to use in your pillows visually adding balance your space.

4. It’s in the details!

When using solid colored pillows, be sure they are pulling in other colors in the room and not matching the couch color (unless heavily textured). Adding textured fabrics brings much dimension to a space, making it feel cozy and loved…


So be sure to bring in some textured beauties like furs, velvets, linens, tweeds and silks when working with solids. Trimmed or piped pillows will appear more formal, where details such as studs and buttons offer a more casual look. Mix and match for the ultimate, eclectic look!

5. Add in your personality!

…And finally, the character pillows, my specialty 🙂

Here is where you can add in a point of interest to draw the eye! Going back to your color inspiration, let your creativity shine with that final touch in the form of a motif or image. Perhaps you love birds, cats, a beautiful quote or word, nautical? Whatever your love, let it be seen! Alyssa’s custom pillow set seen here is a perfect blend of modern and eclectic…adding a gold wolf paired with black and white chevron for a popping contrast in design!


Try adding in golds and greys in your pillow collections to tie in all metal elements! You could also add gold pillows to a grey couch and grey pillows to a gold couch… suddenly this brings a flow to mismatched metals in a space while adding warmth, the perfect final touch.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions! Let me help you create the perfect space.

*You can find Sara and Eclectic Pillows on Facebook.

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