As someone who isn’t into coffee (seriously), tea has pretty much become one of my biggest obsessions. I have a full desk drawer of various green, white, and black teas at work along with an assortment of tea cups, mugs, and infusers. I love curling up with a cup of tea and watching Netflix or working on a blog post and I love having it first thing in the morning (and various times throughout the day) at work.

I stumbled upon Just Add Honey Tea Company, a tea company that offers an assortment of teas and tea accessories and also a variety of monthly subscription boxes including:

Tea Box: includes exclusive teas (3 – 1oz bags) from tea fields around the world and a treat

Honey Box: includes American-made, small batched honey (5oz mason jar) from beekeepers around the United States and a treat

Tea and Honey Box: includes exclusive teas (3 – 1oz bags) and one, small batched honey (5oz mason jar) and a treat!

Basically, if you’re a tea or honey lover, there’s something for you!

Just Add Honey Tea Company sent me an amazing box filled with three teas, one (amazing) honey, 5 teabags to use for the loose-leaf teas, and a pack of coffee to try! Because I’m not personally a huge coffee drinker, I gave this pack to my mom, who absolutely loved it!

The teas I received were The Perfect Blend, First Frost, and Pass the Sides.

The Perfect Blend is a black & green tea with medium caffeine and consists of black tea, jasmine green tea, cranberries, elderberries, sunflower petals, hibiscus, raisins. It has a really delicious, earthy smell and taste to it and, as the name suggests, is pretty much the perfect blend when it comes to tea.

First Frost is a white tea with light caffeine that is the perfect detox tea. During my juice cleanse, I drank this white tea at the start of each morning to kick of that day of cleansing. It has a really nice, herbal kind of flavor to it and didn’t taste like other white teas I’ve previously tried (in the best way possible).

Pass the Sides is a fruit tea that is caffeine free. It’s made up of hibiscus petals, apple, rosehips, cranberries, elderberries, and lingonberry pieces. I love teas that taste as good as they smell, and this tea didn’t disappoint! I would highly recommend this fruit tea to anyone who isn’t big on the more herbal and earthy flavors of tea. Plus this caffeine-free tea is perfect for those with caffeine intolerance.

The honey I received was American Raw Honey from Platte River, NE. This clover honey blends perfectly into the aforementioned teas and gives the perfect amount of sweetness without being overbearing. I only ever use a tiny bit in my tea, so 5oz will last me a really long time!

The Price

Just Add Honey Tea Company offers three different subscription boxes with different pricing to fit your needs.

The Honey box is $10.00/month

The Tea Box is $19.95/month

The Tea and Honey box is $29.50/month

This subscription box is the perfect way to build your tea and/or honey collection and find out about different teas you might not have heard of or thought about trying.

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