Our friends over at Sniffy Wiffy were kind enough to provide us with their orange blossom body lotion (YUM!). Sniffy Wiffy is a company that moves me in so many ways. Not only do all of their products contain only 5 ingredients (read the ingredient list of any lotion you’ve picked up from a department or drug store and you’ll see why that’s important), their products are hand made with SO much love. Seriously. When I reached out to Sniffy Wiffy, the email I received in response from Sarah was a whole lot of genuine excitement, ending with, ‘I will make this fresh and send as soon as possible!’ Nothing beats supporting small businesses who care so much about their products and customers.

Sniffy Wiffy goes far beyond handmade products though. With every product purchased, Sniffy Wiffy donates a portion of the proceeds to Coppafeel! or, if you’re purchasing products from the men’s line, Ballboys. You see, Sniffy Wiffy isn’t just a bath and beauty brand. They’re a health and wellness brand. The very essence of the brand isn’t to create amazing, handmade bath and beauty products (which they obviously do anyways). It’s to create awareness. Sniffy Wiffy isn’t just donating proceeds in support of women’s and men’s health, they’re creating an army of aware and health-conscious consumers and promoting the importance of early detection in breast and testicular cancer.

The Packaging

Possibly my favourite part of the body lotion is the packaging, which, depending on which line you’re dealing with, outlines the proper way to do a self-examination. If you’re ordering from the women’s line of products, your packaging will look something like this:


Alternatively, if you’re ordering from the men’s line, it’ll look like this:


We don’t always pay attention to, or check our bodies like we should, and applying one of Sniffy Wiffy’s body lotions not only gives you a visual reminder and how-to, it also leaves your skin coated in a fine layer of oil, providing the perfect conditions to do a self-examination.

Sniffy Wiffy does, however, understand that these labels may not be appropriate for everyone – for example, those currently battling breast cancer. Because of this, there is always the option to leave the labels off while still benefiting from the homemade, fresh-to-order products.

The lotion comes in a variety of different fragrances – you can even choose to go fragrance-free! The scent is powerful but not overwhelming and the lotion absorbs nicely into the skin without leaving a greasy residue (one of my biggest pet-peeves!)

I would highly recommend supporting this brand if you’re looking for hand creams, body lotions, body scrubs, bath oils, or men’s grooming products. Not only because you’ll receive the service and attention that only a dedicated, small business can provide, but because Sniffy Wiffy has a cause that anyone and everyone can support and relate to.

Be sure to follow Sniffy Wiffy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and don’t forget to do your self-examinations!

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