For those of you who already know this (ie anyone who follows me on Facebook or Instagram) I’ve recently become ridiculously obsessed with Rose’s Shabby Chic. When I say I’ve been trying for months to find the perfect vanity set, I promise I’m not exaggerating. My mom and friends have sat through countless text messages of pictures of possible vanities, or links to Kijiji ads, but nothing had the ‘wow’ factor I was looking for.

Enter: Rose’s Shabby Chic.

I stumbled upon Rose’s Facebook page by accident (though it was clearly meant to be) and began browsing through her many projects. Girl is TALENTED. I messaged her about a vanity she had in an older photo and unfortunately the vanity had been turned into two separate end tables (which is kind of awesome in itself). She sent me a couple of other pieces she had and none were quite what I was looking for. After months of being on the hunt, I had a very particular idea in mind. Rose asked some questions, I sent her some inspiration pictures, and within 10 minutes, she sent me the vanity of my dreams. Well. Almost.


So…the vanity, being approximately 100 years old, needed some TLC. But the potential for it to be the vanity of my dreams was definitely there! I needed a workspace. Something that could work as a desk and a makeup station. Something with detail and interesting shapes. It was (soon-to-be) perfect.

Rose picked up the piece and went over the details of what I was looking for – I wanted it to be white with glass knobs on the top drawers and black hardware on the bottom ones.

Within THREE DAYS, my piece was ready for pickup. Rose sent me a variety of progress pictures along the way which only made me more excited and anxious to see the piece in person.

My parents and I went to pick the piece up on a Monday evening (I reached out to her on Saturday) and I immediately fell in love. The paint, the distressing, the detail… Rose sanded the piece, painted it in a pale green to show through in the distressed areas, and then painted it in white chalk paint. She added beautiful glass knobs and antique hardware on the bottom drawers. She handled the piece with such love and care and did an amazing job on it. Did I mention Rose is *only* 17 years old?! I know. I’m rethinking my teenage life choices too.

The Reveal

image1 (9)

Gorgeous, right?! Ugh. I still get excited every time I see it and I can’t wait until I can set it up in my new space in April! For the piece itself and all of Rose’s hard work, this piece cost me $260. It is completely custom and way better than anything else I’ve previously seen for around the same price (a lot of what I found was way more expensive -and out of my budget – and way less impressive, let’s be honest).

Before & After


If you’re interested in having a piece of furniture refinished or need help finding the perfect piece, I would highly recommend Rose’s Shabby Chic. In addition to refinishing furniture, she also gives furniture painting classes, which I hope to be taking very soon! I can’t wait to purchase my next piece!

Thanks again Rose, you’re the best!

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