As someone who has a few permanent tattoos, I can absolutely appreciate the love of temporary tattoos, especially when said temporary tattoos are metallic and act as more of a fashion accessory than the usual temporary tattoo! Bijoux Tattoo provided us with 4 sheets of tattoos to play with (and boy did we ever play!). We were lucky enough to receive:


brightpath     bangles

You can find these beauties on the Bijoux Tattoo website! My sister and I had a lot of fun mixing and matching our favourites from this sheet. The application of these tattoos was incredibly easy, and even though I applied hers for her, I definitely don’t think I would require help applying my own.

The application instructions are simple:

1. Ensure the skin area you’re applying to is clean and dry

2. Cut out your choice of tattoo(s)

3. Press and hold a damp cloth or sponge onto the tattooed area (we used a cloth)

4. Peel corner to see if tattoo is transferred, if it hasn’t, re-wet cloth and apply pressure until it has.

Voila! Easy peezy and you’ve got an accessory that’s perfect for the beach, a festival, special occasion (I’ll be posting my NYE look, so stay tuned!), pool party, etc!

Bijoux Tattoos are in the form of our everyday modern jewelry, which makes it super easy to find a sheet you’ll love (in fact, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing ONLY one). In addition to being ridiculously chic, Bijoux Tattoos are also really affordable, with the sheets ranging in price from $9.00-$24.00 – and look at all the options you get per sheet! Bijoux tattoos are crafted to last from 5-7 days – depending on location and daily wear, and can easily be removed with the use of baby oil or rubbing alcohol – you know, if, for some reason, you want to take it off sooner. (Hint: you won’t).

Today’s tattoo fun!

image1 image2

Thanks to my lovely sister for modeling for me;)

Check out Bijoux Tattoos online at Facebook and Instagram and let us know what your favourite styles are and how you would accessorize them, and stay tuned for our NYE Bijoux Tattoo look! Happy tattooing!


  • Tailored and true
    Posted December 24, 2014 7:31 pm 0Likes

    I love this! What a great idea! I haven’t thought of using temporary tattoos as a fashion accessory, but I also haven’t seen many as beautiful as these. Lovely!

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