My boyfriend and I attended a wedding recently in which we learned that the groom proposed to his bride through geocaching. For those of you who have never heard of geocaching, you can read about it here. This got us thinking that we should maybe pick up a hobby that the both of us could enjoy together. He likes sports, I’m not super coordinated or athletic. I like horseback riding, as a male, he finds horseback riding to be slightly painful and therefore unenjoyable. So I decided to do some research and figured I would make a post out of some of my favourite finds! Here we go.

1. Gun Range


Because what woman doesn’t want to feel like a badass and what guy doesn’t like destroying things using a weapon (or anything, really)? In Canada, this process would first involve having to spend the money to get our licenses, but for a long-term hobby that could also be fun because of the competitive nature, it might be worth it.

2. Portaging


For the particularly outdoorsy and adventurous type, this hobby, which involves canoeing, carrying your canoe across land to other water systems, and usually camping (basically a canoe trip) this would be a relatively inexpensive way to spend some time together and get creative when setting up camp in the wilderness.

3. Rock Climbing


This would be another awesome hobby to pick up that encourages teamwork and gives you the opportunity to encourage each other. Whether indoor or outdoor, rock climbing poses some exciting challenges and adrenaline rushes which are best spent with your partner.

4. Skydiving


This is a dream of mine. Even though I’m terrified of heights (I once was stuck on the roof of a bungalow for 2 hours because I climbed up and didn’t realize I was scared of heights until I was up there), this would be a great opportunity to face your fears with your significant other. You could choose to do this tandem with an instructor, or take a course so you and your loved one could eventually do it on your own. This hobby would be more on the expensive side, so making it an occasional day trip might be more suitable.

5. Cooking Classes

cooking class sorrento

There’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to cook. Taking a weekly cooking class where you and your boo can make dinner together and then sit down and enjoy it, is a great way to increase your personal cooking abilities, as well as take care of your significant other while getting creative with meal ideas.

6. Zombie Survival Camp

zombie 577

This was probably my favourite out of all the ideas I had. Who doesn’t love zombies and badassery? There are zombie survival camps throughout North America, some offer day trips, others are weekend-long programs. Whatever you decide to do, one thing’s for sure. You’re bound to learn some pretty sweet self-defense skills, and have the poop scared out of you as you try to survive a night among zombies.

Like my ideas? I’d like to hear your suggestions too! Share them with a comment!

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