Hey friends! Thanks for reading! Today’s post will be a tutorial on how to get that ‘plumped’ lip look without having to have a ridiculously invasive procedure (Kylie Jenner, we’re looking at you). All you’ll need is:

1. Lip liner

2. Lipstick

3. Lipgloss

4. Concealer (if you’re lines are shaky like mine)

Step One

Okay, first thing’s first! Moisturize those smoochers! Once your lips are moisturized, using your lip liner, mark out where you want your ‘plump lips’ to go, using the highest and lowest point of your lips. It isn’t necessary to go overboard with this, as any slight change will look dramatically different than what you’re used to seeing.

Step Two

Next, using the lip liner, draw a new colour line, essentially connecting the dots from the corners of your lips, to the newly marked points – fill in your lips with the liner.

Step Three

Once you’ve filled in your lips with the liner, smudge the liner into your lips with your finger – you won’t believe how big of a difference this will make in terms of making the look last! Apply a second layer of lip liner and smudge again if desired.

Step Four

Apply lipstick. That’s pretty self-explanatory, right?

Step Five

Apply gloss. This isn’t a necessity, but I think adding gloss does a great job of making the lips look more natural and hiding that natural lip line.

Step Six

Clean up edges with concealer. Like I said, I’m no professional when it comes to making straight lines or colouring within them. Use a foundation or angle brush to apply concealer around your lips to clean up the lines.

image1 (2)

Voila! Freshly plumped lips with no surgery, injections, or pain! You’re welcome! 😉


  • Victoria James
    Posted October 21, 2014 5:03 pm 0Likes

    I love this! I always feel my lips need a little ‘extra’ – will be trying this out tomorrow xo

    • Alyssa Winegarden
      Posted October 21, 2014 10:30 pm 0Likes

      Thanks Victoria! Let me know how it turns out!:)

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