Though summer trumps all other seasons in terms of my personal favourite, I love fall fashion. As can probably be determined from my previous posts, I’m obsessive and impulsive which is why I’m the perfect person to turn to for fall fashion advice as soon as the temperature begins to drop a couple of degrees. Without further adieu, these are my top five picks for fall fashion staples!

1. Moto Pants


Because, let’s be honest – fall is the perfect time to own being a badass and rock some (p)leather. Not to mention these will go with just about anything. Pair them with a pair of combat boots and an over-sized sweater and you’ve got yourself a cozy outfit for fall! Here’s my favourite from Zara.

2. Cape 


I’m a big fan of the cape coat. I love that you can dress it up or down without going over the top. It looks effortless and chic and again, you can pair it with just about anything. Here’s one of my favourites from H&M.

3. Over-sized Sweater


Fall isn’t complete without a standard over-sized knit sweater. Some sweaters are made a bit larger, and others I tend to purchase a size up for the perfect oversize look. Pair these with leggings, legwarmers, boots and a toque, and you’re set for the day! Here’s one of my favourites from Aritzia.

4. Toque


I’m Canadian, so this is an obvious accessory that should be part of any fall wardrobe. I love the versatility of a great beanie and thanks to Brandy Melville, I’m pretty much beanie obsessed this fall. Here’s one of my favourites.

5. Giant Infinity Scarf


I don’t think this needs justifying. Just look at how cozy and adorable it is. You can find this beauty on Etsy.

Well, there you have it! My fashion fall must-haves! What are yours?

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