Those of you who follow me have probably realized by now that I am a slightly impulsive shopper. To curb this habit of impulsively buying things I want, I’ve decided to use my infatuation for the products (which are ever-changing) in a weekly post! It’s the next best thing, right?

Too Faced – Better than Sex Mascara

One of my friends has mentioned this product on numerous occasions and has officially perked my interest enough to want to try this product for myself. I have short lashes and this mascara claims to work wonders! It has a lot of positive reviews and retails for $30. You can find it here

Rouge Louboutin

The bottle is enough to make me want to own this product. Resembling the highly recognizable Louboutin stiletto, the packaging is simply gorgeous. You can pick up this product for $50 here (and if you want to pick it up and then mail it to me, I won’t object either).  

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Anything that makes my lashes look full and luscious is pretty much enough to make me want to buy it. Anything with ‘Dior’ stamped on it, also enough to make me want to buy it, making this the perfect ‘weekly want’! You can pick it up for $35 here

TokyoMilk Dark Bulletproof Handcreme

Another friend of mine introduced the brand TokyoMilk to me. The way she describes their products combined with the descriptions on the products themselves are simply beautiful and enough to make me want to try pretty much everything from their line. You can pick this gem up for $26 here 

Lime Crime Velveteens Suedeberry

I’ve been wanting to try this velveteen lip colour forever! It promises so much and the brand has such a huge following that I will likely cave in the near future and finally get my hands on this beauty. You can purchase it for $20 here

Well, that’s it for this week’s ‘Weekly Wants’! Have you tried any of the above products? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below! 



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