I had the honour of attending the wedding of one of my very oldest and dearest friends yesterday evening. It was a perfect evening, with great company, amazing food, and an adorable location. The groom cried the moment he saw her in her gorgeous lace, backless gown, triggering her to cry. It was pretty much the perfect fairytale wedding. 

Because I have a habit of internalizing pretty much everything, I found myself noting different things they did that I loved in my head – things I didn’t want to forget to include in the future on my special day. It was one of those things I couldn’t help but think about, and it seems fairly fitting for me to base this post around the different whimsical and personal DIY decor projects that were floating around my mind all evening. 

Custom Signage


Custom signage is one of my favourite wedding decor DIY ideas. It’s rustic, charming, and helps guests to easily navigate their way.

Sharing the Journey



I love the idea of sharing your love story with guests. It allows people to see the intimate parts of your relationship and also for each side to get to know the bride and groom on a deeper and more personal level. Hanging up different picture frames of different shapes and sizes with a variety of fun and goofy pictures from the years you’ve been together is just another great way to share your love with your guests.

Alternative Guestbook 


I really love this alternative idea to a guestbook. Having a Polaroid camera at the entrance to the reception venue allows guests to take pictures of themselves or have their pictures taken and then write a note to the bride and groom on the back of the picture. 

Letting Sparks Fly



Some people prefer bubbles, others prefer rice. One thing I know for sure is that sparklers will be the celebratory item of choice at my future wedding. Kids and adults love sparklers, and the whimsical picture opportunities are simply endless. Wrap a can in burlap or have a mason jar on hand filled with sparklers for this easy DIY. What’s better to ignite a flame than a spark?

These are some of my favourite DIY wedding decor ideas. What are yours!?


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