I’ve been waiting for ages to test this product. Thanks to having a birthday right around the time of my obsession with gel nails, I was fortunate enough to receive this as a gift from my sister.


Prior to asking for this particular gel nail kit, I did a lot of thorough research to determine which kit would be best for my needs. I’m an amateur as far as painting my nails go, with an inability to stay completely ‘within the lines’ while attempting to paint my right hand with my left. I will start by saying that my first experience with an at home gel kit was surprisingly successful. Surprising because of my lack of artistic nail ability, not because I was skeptical of the brand, because, after reading many reviews and watching several tutorials, I was confident in this product even before I had it.

Generally I try not to develop perceptions on products before I have the chance to use them for myself, but in this particular case, I don’t think this preconceived notion was a factor in my results and thereby is not reflected in my review.

The kit itself comes with the following products: an electric LED lamp, a manicure stick, lint-free wipes, a nail file/buffer, nail cleanser, nail primer, gel base/top coat, and one gel colour.


The instructions were easy to follow. It’s vital that you use thin layers of polish or it won’t dry fully. It’s also very important to put your nails under the LED lamp after each layer of nail product you use. For best results, I did one hand at a time to reduce the risk of smudging. It’s also important to use the nail cleanser and lint free wipes after you apply the top coat, or your nails will be left feeling wet and sticky.

This was my result:


Mirror shine and rock hard. I’m so happy to have this product and I can’t wait to buy more colours! I fully recommend this brand and product to anyone who enjoys nail products and DIY.


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