*Note: if you are my boyfriend and you are reading this, stop now because it could possibly ruin any gift surprises in the future*

Sure, Valentine’s Day is probably seen as a predominantly women’s ordeal, however, that isn’t to say we shouldn’t show our beaus how much we care for and appreciate them as well! Here are a few gift ideas that range from manly to over-the-top cheesy and are perfect for last-minute shopping!

Man Bouquet

There are very few words to describe my love for a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. If only there was a male equivalent that my boyfriend would appreciate just as much…

Oh wait! There is! 

Man Bouquet: I just recently made this for my boyfriend for his 25th birthday. It was super easy and fun to make. HE LOVED IT! I saw these bouquets all over the place with just alcohol or just candy but I decided to make it my own by adding all his favorite stuff. One of the things he said to me was "you should put it on pintrest." So I am, you will need: wooden dowels, floral foam, a glue gun, tape, a bucket or vase, confetti or tissue paper, glitter pipecleaners, and all your presents!

The Man Bouquet is pretty much the coolest, but thoughtful man gift for days like Valentine’s Day. It provides you with the opportunity to really show how well you know your significant other, as you can completely customize it by including all of his favourites. Throw in some of his favourite candy, cigars, alcohol, shot glasses, gum, lotto tickets, etc. to make his day extra special. Because let’s face it, this is a girly holiday and he probably isn’t expecting a lot from you anyway!

Reasons I Love You

52 Reasons I Love You:19 Great DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Okay, as promised, we’re getting super cheesy now.. but that doesn’t mean your man won’t appreciate this deep down! Writing out some of your favourite things about him will show him how much the little things he does for you are noticed. Presenting it in a cute and clever way like the above picture will show off your creativity and show that you wanted to make an effort to make his Valentine’s Day extra special and sentimental.

Prepaid Dates

Wedding or engagement gift;  monthly prepaid dates

Let’s be honest – this is a gift that’s pretty much good for any holiday/celebration in the year. Providing your boo with monthly prepaid dates will give you both something to look forward to, as well as allow him to feel as treated and special as he makes you feel!

Are you getting your beau anything for Valentine’s Day? Would you use any of the suggested gifts above? Share your thoughts below!

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