Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

V-day is to be celebrated – whether you’re celebrating your love, singledom, or friendship. In fact, many of my Valentine’s Days have been spent with friends or family. In college, I’d get together with my roommates and exchange cute (and sometimes cheesily romantic) gifts. One morning, I even woke up and left rose petals around our apartment for my roommates to find when they returned from class. 

The last two years have been the only ones that have really been spent in the traditional, romantic way.

Whether you’re staying in, or going out with friends or your significant other, these are just a few of my favourite beauty looks for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Day Nails

I achieved a similar look to this pretty-in-pink nail theme by using Zoya’s Dot nail polish as the base coat, and Esse’s Luxeffects ‘A Cut Above’ for the glitter. This look is feminine and subtle, yet dressed up enough to act as a compliment to any Valentine’s Day outfit.


Gorgeous Valentines day eye makeup

I am a huge fan of a smokey eye in any situation – so having a smokey eye that’s made up of Valentine’s Day-inspired colours is the perfect eye in my opinion! I received Galaxy Chic’s Aphrodite in my Ipsy bag a couple of months ago, and the colour is absolutely perfect for this look:


When I was modelling, I often heard MUAs talking about how if you have a strong, bold eye, you shouldn’t wear a strong, bold lip (and vice-versa). This tip has been engrained in my mind since then, so I’ll provide you with both a subtle and bold lip to suit your needs.


Red Velvet Lip Gloss

This Lime Crime Red Velveteen lipgloss has one of my favourite finishes. I’m a huge sucker for all things matte. This can be picked up at Sephora for just under $20.


Simple Valentine Day Lips...

This natural pink lip gloss with a pink lip-liner is all that is needed to complete your make-up look if you’re wearing a bold eye. It’s subtle, but still has the perfect amount of shine to draw attention to that perfect pout. 

What are your favourite beauty products for Valentine’s Day? Would you wear any of the looks above? Comment and let me know! 


  • Kelly FlatEleven
    Posted February 14, 2014 4:04 pm 0Likes

    Those are all pretty looks for Valentine’s! I love that pink lip color. I’d definitely want to get that look. xo

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