Happy Hump Day!

Lately I’ve been attempting to curb my spending, but with the season about to change from below-freezing into warm, sunshine-filled days, my eye is always on my favourite websites awaiting spring and summer collections. It’s habits like these that get me into trouble. So I figured I would instead try and cut some costs and make one of my favourite summer staples on my own – high-waisted denim shorts!

I started by going to Value Village and searching for a few not-so-fabulous pairs of old, high-waisted jeans. I was fortunate enough to come out with two pairs of Levi’s – a vintage jackpot! I wasn’t so concerned with how the jeans fit anywhere but my waist, as cutting them into shorts was going to change the fit altogether. I purchased one dark wash and one light wash and went to work:


I first tried on the pants and marked the length I wanted the shorts to be using a pen. It is VERY important to make your shorts at least 4 inches longer than you hope to wear them if you are going to be cuffing the bottoms. Remember, you can always cut more off, but it’s impossible to make them longer once you’ve started cutting.




Cut your jeans from the outside downwards, at an angle. Having the outside edges a little bit shorter than the crotch gives your jeans a very retro-inspired feel.



If you want to leave your shorts as cut-offs, you can throw them into the laundry like this, and the edges will fray to make them look more natural and worn. If you are going to roll them, apply a coat of clear nail polish to the edges to keep them from fraying, and then roll them up!

End Result:




Don’t be discouraged if your legs look uneven when rolled (like mine do in this picture) – this can easily be adjusted!

Well DIY-ers, that’s my take on turning ‘mom jeans’ into high-waisted shorts. Let me know your thoughts below!


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